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The General Fund is designed to support the overal mission and growth of our three primary funds. Donations made to the general fund or donations made that are not specified will go to the General Fund. If you wish to support the general mission of our organization, just click the Donate button.

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BIPOC Postpartum Fund

Access to pelvic health services are poor, and in the Los Angeles County System, there are just three referral sites, and often take 1 to 3 months to get into a medical specialist plus an additional 6 months to be seen for pelvic floor rehabilitation. With this identified need, we strive to improve access to care for BIPOC mothers in Los Angeles County and surrounding areas through personal donations and grant funding.

For a full explanation of this fund's mission and goals, click here.

Endometriosis Fund

The burden of endometriosis on a woman’s lifespan, quality of life and psychosocial wellbeing was looked at in a June 2020 study (Corte, et al). We understand that cost and geography are just two reasons that women and AFAB have limited access to care. The economic burden of endometriosis was discussed and is over €10,000 per woman per year. The majority of these costs were attributed to Surgery (29% of health care costs), monitoring tests (19%), hospitalization (18%) and physician visits (16%). The annual economic burden, taking in to account direct health care costs and indirect productivity loss, was $22 billion in 2002 and $69.4 billion in a follow-up study done in 2009.

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Transgender Pre and Post Op Fund

The transgender population needs the support of our community, and from a young age. Gender identity, gender expression and sexual orientation as portrayed by society may conflict with how adolescents are perceiving themselves. This can have devastating consequences, including suicide. The transgender population has an alarmingly high suicide rate – 41% at some point in their lives, compared with 4.6% of the general population (from American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and the Williams Institute from results analyzed from the National Transgender Discrimination Survey). Providers need to educate themselves and be sensitive to these challenges that are faced.

For a full explanation of this fund's mission and goals, click here.

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