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The burden of endometriosis on a women’s lifespan, Quality of Life and Psychosocial Wellbeing was looked at in a June 2020 study (Corte, et al). We understand that cost and geography are just two reasons that women and AFAB have limited access to care. The economic burden of endometriosis was discussed and is over €10,000 per woman per year. The majority of these costs were attributed to Surgery (29% of health care costs), monitoring tests (19%), hospitalization (18%) and physician visits (16%). The annual economic burden, taking in to account direct health care costs and indirect productivity loss, was $22 billion in 2002 and $69.4 billion in a follow-up study done in 2009.

In order to fully treat and support our patients with endometriosis, there is a need to support them medically, psychologically and financially. The Origin Fund seeks to meet this need and reduce this financial barrier to access care. The first phase of this fund will be to provide no cost skilled pelvic health physical therapy services to low income women or AFAB with suspected or confirmed endometriosis. Future phases will incorporate psychotherapy, providers to build resiliency and general well-being, pain management, surgical support, hormone support, nutritional support and other services individual to the patient identified as a need by their provider team to reduce their pain and optimize their healing.

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