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The Origin Fund serves as a comprehensive resource for physical and psychosocial care, to ensure that patients feel supported and emotionally healthy as they are recovering from pelvic health conditions. Our first phase focus is on low income women and all folks with speciality pelvic health needs. These services are generally not adequately covered or offered by insurance or financially accessible without insurance, and as such, low-income individuals cannot get much needed interventions. As our mission extends, we will encompass mental health, pre- and post-operative support, surgical expenses, lactation support and more.

Building Relationships That Matter


The Origin Fund has been forging ahead with securing grant funding, establishing private donors and collaborating with local hospitals. Partner providers are identifying low income patients and using validated questionnaires to determine those in most physical need of these services at this time. It’s our goal to provide at least 1,000 no-cost visits to our community in 2021 and to expand our mission to mental health support and beyond in 2022.

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minority women who benefit from pelvic floor therapy

The Origin Fund is dedicated to facilitating access to services that address a person’s physical, emotional and medical needs. Our focus is on individuals with pelvic health dysfunctions, and we are dedicated to improving the biopsychosocial aspects of each person as a whole. Through education, outreach and providing access to these services, we can support individuals on their journey to address their pain and dysfunction—linking patients to our network of referrals that provide these services.

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Welcome to The Origin Fund.

Your donations provide patient care and help positively affect their outcomes.

Our all-volunteer organzation is committed to putting every dollar towards direct patient care. We have a diverse board of professional women seeking to disrupt the notion of limited access to speciality health services and connect them with providers that will give them the care they deserve so they can reach their physical and mental health goals.

The Origin Fund is a California nonprofit corporation that is in the process of applying for 501(c)(3) tax exempt status (once granted, this status would be retroactive to The Origin Fund’s creation date of 12/8/2020).

Meet Our Board

Heather Jeffcoat

Executive Director

Mary P. Shriver

Board of Directors

Jeanette Sandoval

Board of Directors

Mariya Palanjian

Advisory Board


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Giving Back to Those Who Need it Most!

The Origin Fund will be working with select practices across the Los Angeles area in our launch phase.


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Origin Fund is a California nonprofit corporation exempt from federal income tax under Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3).
Donors can deduct contributions they make under IRC Section 170.

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